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Introduction to IranMilitary.net, who we are!

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Firstly it's importantly to note we are NOT a government entity of any governments, this forum is built for enthusiasts purposes only to cover Iran and Middle East at large's military topics, news and events. This forum is not political, doesn't support war or violence anywhere in the world. The core aim is to allow people to discuss in a technical sense the military capabilities of Iran and Middle Eastern countries and exchange views, learn from each other, analyze and maybe offer new insights.

With the advent of social media where many derive their news from, we believe a forum where posts are properly scrutinized in-order to prevent fake news is a vital part of an effective military conversation and analysis, specially for the Middle East and Iran specifically which is targeted with an array of fake news and propaganda pro and against.

All views, analysis, comments should try and be unbiased and non-political.
This Forum launched in 2024 and has no history with any previous owner of this domain name or board, there is no bias or agenda other than military discussion and analysis.
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