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Israel appears to have made limited strikes in Iran's Isfahan


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Early reports appear to indicate drones and maybe some missiles have been used to hit a military base in Isfahan, nothing has yet officially ben confirmed. From the indications of reports of western media outlets who are continuously using the narrative Israel shot 99% of Iranian missiles and drones and Iran was incapable of defending it's bases, appears to indicate more of a PR campaign to show Israeli strength than actual capabilities.

What's interesting is Yair netanyahu, bibi's son posted a story of Free Kurdistan in his social media hours before this strike which may have come from Iran's boarder regions using local drone capabilities than an actual launch from Israeli soil itself.
Hi Ali, welcome to the forum and thank you for your insights. There is alot of news coming from many sources, I think it's still too early to make any judgement or analysis on the events on the ground regarding the original source of the attacks. Only thing we can confirm at this point is it did happen, Iran still doesn't appear to have responded to it in kind by attacking Israel directly, these are the only two facts we are able to confirm at this point. It does however appear that Iraq's airspace was used / violated during this attack with the prime minister in America at this point will be interesting to see developments.
Thanks admin. Iran's media is downplaying the events, western media appears to be playing up the events. Most telling is the extremist right wing Israeli politician (Bengvir) response on twitter indicating a weak response from Israel to Iran.
I think it's clear Iran is downplaying the event to nip it in the bud (end the cycle) of retaliations as it already has the upper hand with northern Israel pretty much empty of it's settlers who can't go back, Hezbollah with what appears to be the upper hand, Yemen who have pretty much stopped Israeli shipping from the Suez Canal, there's no need for further escalation. What was the main news story of America veto of a Palestinian state at the UN being the only member in the UN security council to veto this has now shifted to this attack on Iran. Iran clearly wants the narrative to go back to pressure on Israel and America. It's still unclear where the deterrence lies but it's safe to say Iran's reaction appears to have the upper hand in drawing it's red lines.
Will be interesting to see if any Israeli planes or drones used Jordanian airspace to make this strike!
Just a symbolic attack to say look we did something. From what I see there is zero strategic depth to this attack.
Will be interesting to see if any Israeli planes or drones used Jordanian airspace to make this strike!
Jordan would have been notified in advance of this attack like America was. I think Iran and Jordan had a side meeting in New York yesterday if I’m not mistaken.